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With more than two generations of experience, Sure Cast has the expertise and state-of-the-art technology to produce top-quality sand castings for a diverse range of industries.

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No Bake Sand Casting requires a two part chemical to bind the sand. This type of system allows for the production of more complicated castings.

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Read our articles to learn more about the industry-leading Sure Cast process and how aluminum sand castings can help your business.

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As of the first week of June, Sure Cast will be breaking ground on our new facility, which will help expand our capacity and operation. The new building will be operational by January of the new year, and depending on external factors, the Sure Cast team will begin moving in at some point in the first quarter of 2022. We are excited to see what this new facility can offer not only our team but also our Sure Cast customers.

Our capabilities include:

Whether it’s the complexity, the size, or you simply have low-volume requirements, some products can be difficult to source. Sure Cast specializes in low-volume, short-run sand castings. We partner with our customers to help them achieves their goals.

We offer a number of sand-casting processes:

  • Jolt Squeeze
  • Roto-molding
  • Air-set

Our capabilities include:

  • Sand casting
  • Cores
  • Heat treat

Sand Casting

Heat Treat