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Casting Experts

When it comes to aluminum manufacturing, Sure Cast offers a number of services to our valued customers. From in-house design engineering to aluminum sand-casting and more, we customize a solution that meets your exact specifications and requirements, without compromising quality.

And when you need a comprehensive solution at a price that makes sense, Sure Cast leans upon Nordstern Group to offer a single-source solution.

Green Sand Casting

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No Bake Sand Casting

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Sand Cores

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Sure Cast has officially launched our new state-of-the-art facility, and we’re already reaping the benefits! Our new facility offers our customers exciting opportunities. We’ve increased our capacity, heightened our efficiencies, and ultimately, we’re able to scale our operation to grow alongside your business.

Our capabilities include:

Whether it’s the complexity, the size, or you simply have low-volume requirements, some products can be difficult to source. Sure Cast specializes in low-volume, short-run sand castings. We partner with our customers to help them achieve their goals.

We offer a number of sand-casting processes:

Green Sand

  • Automatic Flaskless Molding
  • Manual Jolt-Squeeze Molding
  • Manual Rota-Lift molding
No Bake
  • Air-Set Molding

Design Engineering

CNC Machining

Surface Coating

Heat Treatment

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