Aluminum Sand Casting

For more than thirty years, Sure Cast has produced top-quality sand castings for a diverse and comprehensive range of industries. We work with our customers as partners to assist them in achieving their metal manufacturing goals and objectives.

We are committed to providing quality castings and on-time delivery along with exceptional value, making sure you gain a competitive advantage in your specific market.


This sand-casting process offers a versatile and economic option for high-volume, complex runs, as well as low-volume, customized runs. Sand casting is the process of pouring molten aluminum into a mold cavity formed in sand that is bonded by clay and water. Sure Cast produces castings ranging in size from ounces up to 60 pounds.

  • FDNX Flaskless Molding Machine
    • Accommodates any 16” x 20” pattern or smaller with adapter
    • Ideal for switching from manual molding to automatic molding
    • Aeration Sand Filling Technology for producing high quality castings
    • Low Noise and Energy
    • Replace multiple jolt squeezers!
  • Roto Lift line with the flasks ranging from 14×23 to 24×24 inches
  • Skilled molders and sand control with regular laboratory test to assure a fine casting finish


No Bake Sand Casting requires a three-part chemical to bind the sand. This type of system allows for the production of more complicated castings. Castings that are selected for this process usually are extremely large and require deep pockets or limited draft.


Sure Cast has the capability to make all cores to meet our customers’ needs. We use a variety of core processes, including shell and no bake.



Sure Cast has the capability to provide surface finishing through grinding, sand blasting and wheel blast/tumble blast.


We have an in-house T6 Heat Treatment process that we perform to customer specifications. We control the process to keep cost down while retaining part integrity and on-time delivery.

Gain a competitive advantage in your market

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