Case Studies


We collaborate with our customers from Design to Production Launch

Capable of complex part geometries, with flask sizes from 16" x 20" up to 36" x 36"

Offer finished products with full Heat-treating, Precision-Machining, and Specialty Coating services

Top Quality Sand Castings

No matter what you’re looking for, Sure Cast will ensure you get the part you need, efficiently and conveniently. Below are just a few examples of our expertly designed and manufactured solutions.


Material: 356.1-T6
Weight: 10.32 lbs
Dimensions: 12.00” x 12.00” x 3.75”
Applications:  LED Lighting Housing
  • We use the green sand sand-casting process due to quantity needs and complex geometry, which allows us to consistently produce a product with a high level of external complexity.
  • The complex external features of this part demonstrates Sure Cast’s sophisticated design and production capabilities, as well as our ability to maintain tight tolerances.
  • We produce approximately 250 pieces annually.


Material: 356.1-T6
Weight: 3.58 lbs
Dimensions: 11”x7.88”x1.33”
Applications: Fire suppression pump component
  • We use our automated green sand moulding line to produce this part in variable quantities to match our customers shifting production needs.


  • This part demonstrates how Sure Cast’s production capabilities has been designed with agility as the priority – able to shift quickly from high volume production to low, meeting customers’ fluctuating volume demands.
  • We produce approximately 250 pieces annually.