Andrea Lindquist – GM of Sure Cast: Pioneering Change in Metal Casting

Meet Andrea Lindquist, the General Manager of Sure Cast Foundry, whose journey through the metal casting industry has challenged norms and fostered a culture of improvement. Featured prominently in “Simple Solutions That Work!” — a publication dedicated to sharing best practices in metal casting — Andrea’s story epitomizes resilience and determination.

At Sure Cast, Andrea leads a team dedicated to helping manufacturers achieve their sand-casting goals, specializing in low-volume, short-run sand castings. Her unconventional path, transitioning from manufacturing engineering for Toyota to executive leadership in metal casting, exemplifies her commitment to breaking barriers.

In a candid interview with the folks at Simple Solutions, Andrea confronts gender stereotypes head-on, advocating for inclusivity and equal opportunities for women in the industry. Her insights on encouraging the next generation to pursue careers in metal casting highlight the importance of education and representation.

All of us at Nordstern Group are so proud of Andrea! Read the full article below and discover how she continues to pioneer change in the metal casting industry.